MathFest 2016

A Formative Assessment Approach to Teaching Integration Techniques 
Jenna Carpenter (email)
Campbell University

Comparing Mastery-Based and Traditional Assessment in Calculus II Courses
Amanda Harsy (web | email)
Lewis University

Mastery-Based Exams Are Self-Evidently Better Than Traditional Exams
Austin Mohr (web | email)
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Preparation Assignments and Student Success
Jeanette Mokry (web | email)
Dominican University

Oral Reviews: Formative Assessment that Results in Improved Grades, Understanding and Retention
Mary Nelson (web | email)
George Mason University

A Journey Towards Specifications Grading
Derek Thompson (web | email)
Taylor University

Mastery-Based Assessment: An Implementation with Reflective Writing 
Anil Venkatesh (web | email)
Ferris State University